Features OverviewAdd the perfect touch or the extra pizzaz your projects need! Art ingredients are the perfect finishing touch for all of your projects.

Glitter, beads and so much more! 


art stones set

Create collage projects, add a texture element or use them as is! These are stones can be painted, sprayed and more, adhere them with Art Basics Gloss Gel or mix them into pastes to create your own texture pastes! 



abloom glitter set

Create magic with this glitter set and add sparkle to all your projects. Add to your pastes, gels, or use as is for a beautiful sparkle.


mica powder set

Pigmented and ready to be added to all of your mixed media projects, these mica powders can be mixed into pastes and gels to create customized unique effects.


mica flake set

Create texture and interest on all your projects with this mica flake set. Perfect for mixing into pastes and gels.


micro beads set

Perfect to use as is or mix into paste and gels, these micro beads add a fun touch to all your projects. Adhere them using soft gloss gel.