Achieve extraordinary results with Art Alchemy by Finnabair! Paints, Waxes and so much more to create art and mixed media projects! 


art alchemy waxes

Beautiful, metallic, wax-based paste which will turn your artwork into a real treasure while adding amazing, rich, metal- like finish to most surfaces and elements. Great for applying with your fingers, sponges, and soft cloths. Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to mixed-media and home d├ęcor projects. Metallique Wax has a permanent finishing cover giving you great, color-filled, shiny results on dark and light backgrounds. Archival safe. Non- toxic.



sparks acrylic paint

Great Quality, metallic acrylic paint with beautiful shimmer and shine you've never seen before! Soft, creamy and rich in color with the most sparkly effect. Great for artistic and decorative use.



Impasto paints

Impasto paints are high quality, thick consistency, acrylic paints with rich color and matte finish. they are water soluble when wet and permanent when dry. they are perfect for traditional painting techniques, revealing visible brush strokes when using palette knives and tools like the finnabair art basics silicone brushes. the heavy, creamy consistency of the impasto paints makes them an ideal medium for collage and print making.


Metallique acrylic paints

Great quality metallic acrylic paint, highly pigmented, rich in color and permanent after drying. Designed by Finnabair for Art Alchemy Metallique Line. Great for artistic and decorative use - giving really good coverage, working more like glaze if applied as a thin coat and giving full colour if applied in thicker layer.
Archival safe. Non-toxic. Size: 50 ml.